9 Months Of Change

Hi people! I hope everyone is having a good week and putting off warrior, queen, take over the world type of vibes. Ok, so I have a couple posts in the works on some spring fashion, but while I’m finishing those up I got an idea for a new post. Birth & the pregnancy process. If you’re not a mama or mama to be and you’re reading my blog, you’re probably over the baby stuff and wondering where the fashion and variety I promised is – it’s coming! I have a stocked closet and plenty of ideas.. just need to do the photography side of things and it’s a wrap. Until then…

Pregnancy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – women are warriors. Actual superheroes. Carrying another life for 9 months was a physical and emotional battle, but birth is all the more insane (yet both are beyond amazing at the same time). I actually cried once because Eric was rushing my mascara process……………… (major dots) talk about a confused baby daddy. I’m laughing remembering this day – you’ll feel so out of character and then 30 minutes later you’re like….. oops.


But seriously, shout out to him for going above and beyond for me those 9 months, he was (is) the perfect teammate. Serious heart eyes.


Anyway, my best advice for the mental side of things is to laugh off the emotions & remember how beautiful you STILL are. Show off the bump with confidence and use it as an excuse to get some new pieces for your closet. There’s so many ways to make your pregnancy style trendy and chic (possible future blog). Remember that every feeling and every emotion is the result of the most beautiful process in this world taking place – the growth of a new life. What could be more amazing? (and tbh, some days you will miss that basketball belly).


And then there’s the physical side.. a complete loss of energy. I was a sleeeeeepy mama to be and without being able to drink coffee? Ugh. Nap it out & don’t feel bad about wanting to relax and leave your plans early every now and then. Snooze now because in months to come sleep will no longer be apart of your schedule.


I look back at my pre-baby life and I probably slept triple the amount I do now, but somehow I get everything and more done these days. Coffee and cinnabon creamer are life savors. Your mama motivation will kick in, but everyone needs a break sometimes. Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Ok, lets fast forward to the good stuff —–> My due date was October 31, 2016 – Halloween. I just didn’t feel like he was coming anytime soon. We trick or treated with the kids, I was walking hills, doing jumping jacks, a couple lunges, like come on Kayse, we are ready for you! Well, I was wrong. 2am came around and so did the pain. I tossed and turned for awhile until I couldn’t toss and turn any longer and we were hospital bound.  These are your last hours before becoming the entire world to another person, as that teeny person becomes the entire world to you. Don’t be nervous, the excitement will take over. 

Skipping past the waiting, the suspense, and the hours of contractions to the moment that I MISSED MY EPIDURAL. Yep, missed the entire part where you get drugs that makes all the pain go away. I was that person that cut people off when they asked “do you know what you want to do?” with “I’m getting an epidural.” Things got pretty real and intense when I was told it’s too late for the drugs and that he’s coming now. My mom said I actually replied “what if I can’t get him out…..” (still makes me laugh). So I ended up giving a natural birth (not the plan) which was hard and painful and all things bad – no sugar coating here. But then my perfect, healthy, beautiful son was placed right on my chest and every ounce of pain was forgotten.



(omg look at this little chunky baby face)

I know the pain and birthing experience is often something women worry about and I just want to reassure all of you mama’s to be that if you have help, choose to do it naturally, or things don’t go as planned – you’ll get through it either way and nothing else will matter once a piece of you enters the world.


So don’t sweat the body changes, the emotional break downs, the never ending cravings, or the terrifying birth stories. You were built to make it through and you are a super woman for doing so. Everything changes in the best way. You’ll yawn double, but smile triple.


Eat all the key lime pies, sour candy, or anything your craving tummy desires, take some naps, take some walks, don’t be nervous and stay confident. Oh and take pictures! I wish I documented the bump more.

All of your mama instincts will kick in & you’ll be running a little empire before you know it. Go to my contact section for any further questions, blog ideas, or just to chat – good luck & xo!


6 thoughts on “9 Months Of Change

  1. Ant @ OurCookery.com says:

    I completely identify with this post 🙂 Felt pretty good for my pregnancy, but needed help afterwards 🙂 People don’t talk about that as much with your first. I think they don’t want to scare people. Your family of three is beautiful mama 😉


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