Exploring With My Little Rockstar

What’s better than exploring new areas and adventuring out with your people on beautiful, sunny Fridays? Not much. Today we wandered around a new downtown and tried out some rooftop dining (much needed fresh air with a view). I wish I could tell you guys to always try out a new meal or drink when you go to new places – but I’m stuck on Shrimp & Grits. Starting now I’m taking my own advice on this one and branching out on menu’s – we’ll see how that goes.

Soooo don’t get me wrong, I dig winter fashion – but I am too stoked about warm weather finally approaching. Riding around with the windows down and adventuring under 70 degree sunniness today has me pumped for spring and summer days to come. The sun was bright, but me and the bebe rocked some gloomy colors and spotted engaging alleyways to show them off in.

I stepped outside this morning and knew I had to break out the black, distressed overalls, which went perfectly with my beige, off the shoulder crop top. I recently grabbed these dark grey ankle boots which completed the piece entirely after accessorizing (but lets be real, KD steals the shine in every shot).

nirvana nirvana1

To add to the black, brown, and beige mix up, I wore a brown choker that has a necklace piece attached, which couldn’t have been designed more perfectly for this fit. And of course I had to throw on my black hat to give it more of a complete look. Side note – I just snagged these Quay sunglasses and couldn’t be more in love. My last pair broke the minute I reached the parking lot after purchasing… sad day (nothing wrong with the brand, I’m just clumsy). Highly recommend.


If you’ve read my “Spice Up Your Diaper Bag” post you know I mentioned my blush, fringe, backpack style bag that I turned into a diaper bag. There’s a little Polaroid picture of it there, but I wanted to share it with you guys in detail. The side pockets hold Kayson’s passies and smaller throw ins, but the larger area has just enough space for diapers, wipes, bottles.. you name it. This way I can have the little guy on my hip, and ALLLL his gadgets on my back.




Ok enough about me, can we just focus on my little rockstar for a second? Obviously I’m biased, but how is he real? Nirvana T, black baby legging style pants, and mini black vans – what is cuter? At this rate, he’s going to have a love for music like his daddy, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for football. He has some talented genes and a mama who wants to sit in the bleachers. Either way, this dude will grow up knowing he can do anything he wants to do and be anyone he wants to be with our support. He’s the world.



Giggling because half of our pictures turned out like this – his hands in his mouth. I’ve got an early teether.. poor angel. For having mouth pains he’s still the smiliest, happiest soul out there. Kayson Dobbs literally radiates all things good. I’m a lucky mama.


Oh, and last thing… How adorable are these mini snake skin sneakers? Ugh, looking at them again just made me go online and scroll through some for myself. I’m obsessed. So tempted to save them for my future girl, but I already have a sassy, angel niece & another on the way that I get to shop for.  You’ll never guess where I found them – TJ Maxx. Spotted these on the way out from grabbing some hair products & had to snag. Can’t wait to see one of the mini humans in my life running around in them.


Anyway, I just wanted to share todays fit on this mini post and let you guys know I have a lot planned and a couple things in the works! Stay driven and do whatever stirs your soul. Until next time, xo!


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