Momming in Your Young Twenties

Goodmorning loves! After playing and bouncing, Kayson is down for the count taking his morning nap. I schemed up another blog idea with the help of some feedback from readers, so while the bebe is snoozing and my coffee is brewing, I figured it’s a perfect time to type away.

If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I am a younger mama and had KD at 22 years old. What a perfect topic of discussion – momming in your young twenties! I had days that I thought to myself.. I am kind of young, I am not where I want to be in life yet, I have dreams, I don’t have “mom clothes” and I don’t know what to do with a fragile, teeny human. The truth is, your nurturing instincts and mama rockstar abilities will be there when God blesses you with a mini me at 22 or 32. So for all of your pre-tiny human thoughts – let’s talk about why you will be a superwoman of a mom in your young twenties and how you’re courageous for making sure of it.


The “I am not where I want to be in life yet, and I have dreams to fulfill” worry. Plot twist – Kayson has been one of the biggest motivators for me to achieve my goals. School, careers, dreams – none of it has to end. You will just conquer them differently. I’m 4 months away from getting my degree & closer to doing what I love, all with a perfect, teeny person by my side.  Don’t get me wrong – doing it all isn’t easy and often tiring, but it can get done. Because I am a full time mama and the little man is my number one focus, I’ve had to turn down a few opportunities revolving around my dreams of fashion and apparel sales – but I have also accepted a couple cool experiences for the future. Just because I temporarily am not in the position to entirely fulfill my dreams, doesn’t mean I’m not scheming and planning for the future (which isn’t so far away) – stay tuned, I’m making it happen & so can you. And of course I have dreams of my perfect wedding – but now I already have “cute ring bearer” checked off the list. I’ll start searching for the teeniest tux out there this fall. And let’s be real, Kayson IS the perfect dream and he comes before any other. I’m where I want to be – with my family.


PS – I’m including yesterdays look to give you guys some eye candy with all of these words. I adore this Show Me Your Mumu pattern, with some fringe ankle boots from American Threads, a chunky neck piece & a suede hat with a feathery wrap around.



The “I don’t have mom clothes and I look so young” worry. What even are mom clothes? When I was preparing for this journey, I thought to myself.. “ugh I’m going to have to change my whole wardrobe and do the whole “mom style” stereotype thing.” I quickly realized that 1.) Nothing has to change as long as your clothes respect your babies. 2.) How you dress or look has no correlation with how much of a supermom you are 3.) Just because I am becoming a mother at 22 doesn’t mean I have to jump to dressing like I’m in my 40’s. My style is probably different than the mother who had her babies ten years older than me – and that’s okay. You can still be yourself and wear things you like. Plus, dressing along side your mini me is a whole new fashion game changer & I couldn’t love styling for two more. Don’t change your style and who you are – but keep it classy and tasteful so you can represent your bebe in the best way.


(you’d be surprised how heavy 16 pounds can get – one of the down sides of running around without Eric)


And lastly, the “what if I don’t know enough, how do I take care of a fragile mini me” worry. As my due date approached, I worried that I didn’t know enough to be the best mama for KD. Breast feeding, bottles, the routines, the fact that they cry (a lot)…. what if I can’t help him? You learn, and you learn fast. And shortly enough, momming just became my thing – as it becomes every mama’s thing when they fall in love with their very own babe. Instinct and the nurturing  trait that God gave us women is real – you will become the one that your bebe needs and sometimes, the only one that knows what to do. Now, I make bottles and sway him to sleep at once. You’ll be a pro multi-tasker in no time. Often, my friends will watch or listen to me and say, “how do you know all of this” and so on, because in such a short time you naturally evolve into a mother (what an amazing identity to have). Being a mama to Kayse is the most important role I hold, and when he giggles, smiles, reaches, and sleeps in my arms – I know that I won’t let him down.  You will shine as a mama, even if you’re 22, 23, 24 and so on. And your baby knowledge will only keep growing from here.


(he started baby food and thinks he can jump to a fried green tomato sandwich & cheese grits…. not yet little man, keep eying it)

You’re going to be a rockstar mom if that’s who you want to be – and your age can’t stop you! So get your confidence going in full effect & surround yourself with encouraging souls because you’re going to do amazing (ugh, I just had one of the BILLION moments you will have when you’re heart is entirely full with love for your child and as exhausted as you are, you kind of want him to wake up).

Have a good end of the week people, xo!


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