Shoes Shoes & More Shoes

Happy Saturday loves! I hope everyone had a fabulous, but productive week – I know my little team did. All of this busyness and my never ending to do list has kept me on go, but today my boys and I are going to relax and I have zero complaints – I need to catch up on some past due blog work anyway!

Okay, so I have to share a couple of my latest shoe finds with you guys! Lets start with these black, suede, above the ankle boots – I’m in love. I recently wore them to 9 Mile Station @ Ponce City Market and they were perfect for the nighttime, city vibes. Finally, a night off to dress up a little! Of course, half way into the night we already missed our little man. But at least I got these out for a few hours right? I recreated a similar look with these booties using my all black two piece and a chunky silver belt.


This was definitely a dark, but sharp look.


Kayse wore his black & black and white striped, Freshly Picked moccasins with a Johnny Cash T. I love love love these leather, baby moccasins – they come in so many different adorable designs and colors for both genders. I just ordered him another brown pair! Check out their Instagram @freshlypicked and you’ll get why I’m so obsessed. Since I was sharing this bold look today, I figured he could roll with it too!

Now for the lace up sandals. Three words – pom pom balls. I was attempting to do the whole “pick up the shoe, love the shoe, set the shoe back because you’re credit card doesn’t need it” and I just couldn’t. I love the color scheme chosen for these sandals – not too bright because the pom pom balls are already catching eyes, but a perfect, settle set of shades. I also dig the wrap around, tie look. You can tie them up with the poms wrapped around like pictured, or keep the poms low and wrap the lace around your ankle area. Snagged these from a DSW near me. These are so fun for summer – go get you some!


So obviously I went shoe crazy this month, but I think these take the title for my absolute favorite. I just ordered these floral multi-colored ankle boots and obsessed is an understatement. It was a hard decision between a couple of other multi colored/floral patterns, but these stole my heart and my credit card numbers. I’m thinking some pretty kimonos over simple wear with these. Trendy x3. (anxiously clicking their tracking number in my email three times a day)

And of course I had to snag a pair for the mini. I found some colorful, summer wear for the little human & along came these fun sneakers. A blog on my favorite baby brands is in the works and I’ll reveal the absolute cutest, well priced brands to dress up your little ones – stay tuned. But before finishing up, I wanted to share this adorable number that’s en route.

And lastly before hitting publish, I’ll share my little American Threads shoot with you guys – they chose the perfect mix of chic and edgy styles. In stores now, they’ve got the white, distressed jeans and I loved the fit on these. For more denim colors and options check out White Fox Boutique online. Pictured on the right was this amazing romper with a gorgeous cut out design – I had to keep. (always good finds at Threads – perfect pieces for summer 2017 and neck pieces galore)


Aaaand, of course the little man insisted on joining in the last fit  – a classic, chic, light blue, two piece. I may or may not have had to get dressed with the door cracked so my koala bear wouldn’t lose sight of me. One of Kayson’s favorite places to be is in my arms and I don’t mind one bit. How is he 6 MONTHS? May is already a month to remember with his first baby tooth growing and baby food beginning. He says yes to peas and carrots, but apples and berries are a BIG no go. I thank God everyday for a healthy, beautiful, happy baby, but tonight I might ask him to slow time down a bit. I need a major pause button.

That’s it for now babes – do something you love today! Xo.


20 thoughts on “Shoes Shoes & More Shoes

  1. Christine says:

    You have a beautiful family and have some very chic shoes. Love them! I have two little boys of my own and I love buying them cool shoes. Boys are awesome! Thanks for sharing your chicness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ashlee G. says:

    Such a wonderful post! While I do not own many shoes myself, I do love at least looking at different kinds. These ones here are really nice, good style, and a great color combination. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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