Smoothie Bowl Mini

Hello again babes! (double post today) Me and KD are playing at home and anxiously awaiting Eric to get back from work. I absolutely love watching Kayson’s face light up when he gets home – pure happiness. Ugh, I’m having ANOTHER major heart eyes emoji moment as I type, because how blessed am I to share a human with my best friend. Anyway, this morning I made a yummy raspberry, banana, vanilla smoothie and after a few Instagram questions I figured I’d share a more detailed “recipe” of the bowl I put together a few days ago.

Okay, so two things I am obsessed with (besides fashion & my family) are fruit and smoothies – so for me, not much beats a homemade smoothie bowl. Today I’m going to share the delicious and healthy bowl I threw together for a mid-day snack this week (perfect recipe for mornings, but who says you can’t enjoy a bowl at late hours right?)

This recipe is super simple and will come out looking pretty and tasting delish. To begin my little creation I started with the smoothie – a mix of dragon fruit for some color and taste, with half a cup of almond milk, and a couple tablespoons of vanilla extract. Of course you can throw in whatever fruits you want depending on your taste, but you can’t go wrong with strawberries & bananas – mmm. I used one banana and about half of the strawberries in a regular sized container. Blend it up with some ice (add sugar if you want) andddd wala – you’ve got the smoothie!


The toppings called for some cut up bananas, oats & honey cluster granola, kiwi, chia seeds, raspberries, and coconut. Now, you’re set! Make your smoothie bowl your own and switch up the fruits, nuts, and toppings to your taste. These are so easy, healthy, and super yummy. KD had a couple tastes and was digging it too – he told me to tell you guys.


If you don’t have the time or the specific ingredients to create the whole bowl – just throw together a little smoothie with some fruit, vanilla, milk, & ice. Like I said, my raspberry/banana mix up this morning was bomb. Oh, and if you wanna throw in some more health but still keep it delish – add spinach. Sounds super weird, but after blending you can’t even taste the greens. Another s/o to my mama for this trick!


Lets be real, breakfast is the yummiest meal of the day – don’t miss it. Or just brunch, or do breakfast for dinner – I’m not opposed to either. But smoothies rock at any time of day so give it a try! Eat tasty & healthy. Xo!


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