Hello loves! Before reading ahead, let me fill you in on a little bit about my life. I am Maddie Wilhelm and I am a 22 year old Business Marketing student with dreams of a career in fashion. Four years, a victory lap, a tragedy, an engagement, and a baby later I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and plan on getting that degree in August of 2017 (stoked to say the least). I have always had a love for style, trying new things, and the excitement of branching out and putting together pieces that I feel confident in.


I got engaged to Eric Dobbs on October 21, 2016 and plan to lose my last name in May of 2018 (wedding planning blogs to come this fall – stay posted). He is the silliest, most creative, and interesting soul. He keeps me laughing and grounded and unknowingly reminds me of whats important in life. He constantly encourages me to chase my dreams no matter the circumstances. He has a passion for music and an admirable love for family. I’m beyond lucky to be in love with my best friend and play constant rock, paper, scissors games for diaper changes (on a current lose streak).



I was so surprised I actually asked “what is this for” …….clearly my head was spinning.


On November 1, 2016 I became a proud mama of a handsome and happy little boy named Kayson Daniel Dobbs. He saved my life after the toughest experience I’ve been handed and gave me so much purpose. Each day I grow more and gain excitement to show him this entire beautiful world. I’m dressing for two now, but have enjoyed every second of styling this little gentleman. Getting few hours of sleep and drinking endless coffee loaded with cinnabon creamer (highly recommend) is more than worth it for this perfect creation. He was born with such a peaceful aura and happy soul and we couldn’t be more blessed.




After the idea was brought to my attention, I decided to create this blog to share about my life, my style, and my family during the spare time that I can find. Momming is a busy busy job, I’m sure you’ve heard or know, but I plan to create a variety of posts that I hope people enjoy. When I can find the time (or when KD snoozes) I promise to answer questions honestly and type away for my readers! For more frequent posts and pictures you can follow my instagram account @maddie_wilhelm. Thank you for reading loves, and fingers crossed I won’t put you to sleep..